Danielle + Damien wedding at Villa Balam-Ha, Playa Mujeres

A week later after my first time in La Amada, I have the honor to meet this out of this world couple, I love this guys, they simply rock.

Danielle and Damien never stop laughing, they enjoy life in a way that you could not smile if you’re close to them, I love spending a weekend with you guys, it was a great experience to have a little you on mi life.

LOCATION: Villa Balam-Ha, Playa Mujeres, Cancún



  • Uff que momentazos canijo te mmste!!!

  • Ahora si le trepaste DJ, muy buenas todas, Saludos

  • Me ha encantado esta boda, mr. DJ, hay imágenes muy poderosas, la última me mata.Enhorabuena!

  • Muy buenas DJ, esos “brownies” hivieron efecto, jaja.

  • Puro feeling Mr DJ !… muy buenas !

  • Jeni Marr

    David thank you for capturing la sabor of my daughter and son-in-laws wedding in such an artistic and beautiful way. We cant wait to see more!

  • Precioso diario visual. Un retrato perfecto de la pareja. Enhorabuena David.

  • Great work DJ. Incredible job capturing emotion!

  • steph

    oh my goodness, these are beyond beautiful. so happy to be there for the celebration, you captured the moments so wonderfully!

  • Lisa

    Amazing photos of an amazing wedding. Beautiful and breathtaking! Keep them coming:-)

  • Donna Russell

    Beautiful pictures…captured a wonderful day!

  • I love the you have send you guys rock the world

  • BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!

  • pure inspiration bro, love this set.

  • Que belleza de reportaje!!! una imagenes preciosas!!! que emoción me han causado!!
    Felicitaciones D.J.

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