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Professional tips for your wedding bridal makeup

First and foremost, I wanted to thank my dear friend David Josue for this invite to his blog to glimpse a bit of the art of wedding bridal makeup! So, now the day is set, your dress is ready, and stress is piling up! What’s next? I’ll be chatting with you a little bit of my best-kept secrets for successful makeup that lasts thru-out, tears, dancing, and sweat!

1- Why is a good idea to hire a wedding professional for your  bridal makeup

The question is, why would you hire a professional for every aspect and detail of your wedding and NOT hire a professional bridal makeup artist? A pro makeup artist or MUA has won their skills as a professional and has done many faces in their career, and they know the tricks to get your makeup looking flawless and having it the last thru-out your wedding day.

2- What I focus the most in my brides to make them naturally beautiful

Not change her features, a makeup that goes along with her wedding dress and wedding hair. For me, the best bridal makeup is that look that makes you look like yourself, just a better version of yourself!

Don’t feel pressured to bow to beauty trends because you’re getting married! In my experience, 90% of the brides that lean on trend rather than timeless makeup hate their wedding picture in a few years, whereas my brides that picked a natural, classic makeup love their wedding album for years and years to come?? member, LESS IS MORE!

3- Glowing healthy skin is always in!

While nobody wants to look like a sweaty oil-slick on their wedding day, you also don’t want to be so powdery and matte. Make sure you start a cleaning/moisturizing routine weeks before the wedding, even better months before. Having well-balanced skin, a good 3 step system of washing, moisturizing, and a primer can change the whole look of your skin!

4- Test your wedding bridal makeup beforehand.

It’s essential to test your wedding day loo before the big day. It’s critical to see what your makeup will look like while still having time to make changes. Makeup can behave strangely in photos. You’ll often need more of it than you’ll think to look “normal” Some foundations that contain SPF and certain setting powders can create a ghostly effect when a flash is involved. So test beforehand to make sure which products work best with you. (don’t apply ANY SPF products on my brides on their big day, even if the wedding is outside) 

5- Waterproof everything!

What I recommend 100% of the time to each one of my clients is to make a wedding bridal makeup pouch with ALL travel sizes, and ALL waterproof products in it, such as:

Good luck and all the love on your big day!

Roxy Lucero
Pro Celebrity Makeup Artist