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Smiling bearded man in black and white photo.
Bearded man in glasses, black and white portrait.

I’m inspired by photojournalism and films. I focus on candid moments, real emotions, and the big picture. I love finding new stories where no one is looking.

Monochrome portrait of thoughtful man with beard and glasses.

Other passions besides

taking photos

running outdoors, mountain biking, playing with my kids, reading old books and traveling.

Vintage carnival atmosphere captured in monochrome photography.
David Josué making wedding pictures at Xochimilco's legendary trajineras.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about why I’m your perfect wedding photographer in Mexico, Europe, Dubai or anywhere in the world for that matter.

My mission is to create real, breath-taking and timeless wedding photographs. When you look at your wedding photos, you should find something that reflects who you are, how you felt, and what you value the most.

There should be something that makes you smile and feel loved, something you can stare at for hours while feeling at peace. I would create those photos for you.

Meaningful, emotional and colorful photographs that you can feel proud of now, in 10 years, every day, forever. How do I know? Because I will photograph your wedding as if it was my own.

You see, I’m more than a wedding photographer, I’m a geek, an art lover, a father & a son, a teacher that uses photography to create images that can heal a broken heart, paint a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud by yourself.

I like to focus on the details, I am not afraid to go bold when it comes to creative angles or crazy ideas.

I love to combine timeless photojournalism with a touch of beautiful portraits. I create a magical time-machine for your descendants to treasure.

Smiling bearded man in black and white photo.

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