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David Josué is among the top 10 wedding and portrait photographers in Mexico.

Photos are like wine; the more time passes, the more valuable and enjoyable they become. Imagine reliving the laughter, adventures, fashion, and how you looked at a certain time in your life.

This is the idea behind having a Basic, Glam, or Lifestyle session where it's not just about portraits but capturing your entire attitude.
A woman in a stylish dress with fringe sleeves stands beside a metal trailer numbered 502 in Baja California, holding a small, vintage camera. Two white chairs are visible nearby on a wooden deck. davidjosue
A woman dressed in elegant attire stands framed by lush green leaves. She gazes to her left with a serene expression, illuminated by soft natural light, highlighting her thoughtful pose in a peaceful, verdant davidjosue

Enjoy the photos of your life as works of art. 

You either know fashion or you don’t.           — Anna Wintour

Mystical young woman in serene forest setting
A Black And White Photo Of A Woman In A White Dress
A Woman In A Bikini Laying On Rocks Near The Ocean


2-hour session Weekend or Weekday
$ 450
  • Available weekdays and weekends
  • 40 edited digital photos.
  • 6 months of online gallery
  • Slideshow


90 minute Weekend or Weekday
$ 299
  • Available weekdays and weekends
  • 25 edited digital photos
  • 2 months of online gallery
  • Slideshow


45-minute weekday session
$ 199
  • Monday to Friday
  • 15 edited digital photos
  • 1 month of online gallery