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Testimonials for David Josué's weddings photography

We used to be strangers and ended up being good friends,
that kind of friends that know your feelings before you do.

Joyful newlyweds sharing a laugh with scenic mountain backdrop.

No one could have captured the energy and magic of our wedding day better than DJ and his team, our experience was incredible from the start, very energetic, happy and full of life, in a way they managed to act as accomplices on our  little madness.

Russ & Andrés

Riviera Maya, México

We love working with David Josue! Apart from being an excellent photographer, he is an excellent person who shares his tranquility during his “shoots” and made us feel comfortable during our official wedding session. The photos turned out to be natural and reflect our great happiness of our day. It’s been 6 months now and we’re still seeing the pictures that DJ took, remembering how well we had to laugh and laugh during the photo shoot and our event. Highly recommended and deserves more than the 5 stars. Thank you very much, DJ, for your work, effort and dedication to understand your customers.

Jasmine & Rubén

La Joya, CA

Happy couple in wedding attire smiling together.
Joyful newlyweds with vibrant abstract art background.

The photos are FANTASTIC my man! We knew you would come through and we are blown away! The wait was completely worth it. It was great working with you to improvise as the weather was all over the place. And I forgot to thank you, for the great idea – “that we should host our wedding in the restaurant”. My cousin from the UK, the tall guy who was in my party has already agreed with his girlfriend that you are going to be his photographer (they say the picture of the bridal party on the rock).

Taf & Alisha

Vancouver, BC