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Plus Size Lingerie: The Ultimate Guide for Style and Comfort

by: David Josué

Lingerie is more than just an undergarment; it’s a way for individuals to express their personal style and confidence, especially in the realm of plus-size options. The market for plus-size lingerie has been growing. Brands are responding to the demand for more inclusive sizing that celebrates body diversity.

Plus-size lingerie comes in various styles. Some are functional everyday wear, while others are more elaborate designs meant for special occasions. All are crafted to provide support and enhance curves.

When looking for plus-size lingerie, the most important factors to consider are fit, comfort, and support. Since bodies come in all shapes and sizes, plus-size lingerie needs to cater to this diversity with a wide range of sizing options. The material is also a key aspect, as it ensures longevity and wearability. Breathable, soft fabrics are often preferred for everyday pieces, while sturdier materials might be selected for lingerie that offers more support.

We’re conscious that the right plus-size lingerie should not only fit well but also make us feel fabulous. It’s vital that the lingerie we choose not only accommodates our shape but also complements it, offering the right amount of support without sacrificing style. That’s why we’ve dedicated time to reviewing a variety of brands and styles to find options that’ll keep us feeling comfortable, supported, and stylish throughout our day-to-day activities.

Top Plus Size Lingerie Picks

We know that finding the perfect plus-size lingerie can be a game-changer in how we feel and look. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best options out there to embrace those curves with confidence. Whether you’re after something cozy for everyday wear or seeking a piece for a special occasion, our selection has you covered. Let’s dive into the array of choices that celebrate body positivity and provide the comfort and style you deserve.

Avidlove Lace Bodysuit

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After our latest night out, we’re confident this Avidlove piece adds that special touch to any evening.


  • The stretchy floral lace fabric embraces curves beautifully.
  • Adjustable crisscross straps provide a customized fit.
  • Versatile enough to pair with everyday wear.


  • The snap crotch may be inconvenient for some.
  • Without underwire, support may be lacking for certain body types.
  • Care must be taken when handling the delicate lace material.

Slipping into the Avidlove Women One Piece Lingerie Deep V Teddy Sexy Lace Bodysuit, we instantly felt both comfortable and irresistibly alluring. Its body-hugging design showcased our curves in all the right places, making us feel like the stars of our own show.

The softness of the fabric was a pleasant surprise, freeing us from the scratchiness that we’ve too often experienced with other lace garments. Whether it was the candlelight of a romantic evening or the flash of a camera in a boudoir photoshoot, this bodysuit amplified our natural confidence.

However, we took note that while the absence of an underwire spelled comfort, it also meant that those of us in need of more support had to look elsewhere. And when nature called, the snap crotch was a bit of a mood killer. Still, nothing could overshadow the ease with which this bodysuit commanded attention when paired with our favorite jeans or worn under a sleek blazer.

Avidlove Lace Embrace


We think this Avidlove Teddy is a delightful pick for its comfort and elegant design, making you feel both gorgeous and at ease.


  • Comfortably fits a variety of body shapes with its stretchy lace.
  • Versatile for different occasions, from romantic evenings to casual wear with outerwear.
  • Boosts self-confidence with its flattering fit and design.


  • Not suitable for those with a longer torso due to size constraints.
  • May need to size up to ensure an optimal fit.
  • Hand wash only, which might not be convenient for everyone.

Struggling to find plus-size lingerie that combines both allure and coziness can be quite tricky, but I found this to be just the right blend of both. Slipping into the Avidlove Lace Embrace Teddy, I immediately noticed the softness of the lace against my skin—no itching or discomfort usually associated with lace materials. The sheer mesh and floral lace details shaped my curves in just the right ways, making me feel stunning.

Adjusting the straps was a breeze, allowing me to fit it perfectly to my frame. What struck me was how it didn’t feel like I had to sacrifice comfort for the sake of appearance. Whether lounging at home or on a night out, accessorized with a skirt or jeans, I felt as fabulous as I looked.

Bringing this piece into my wardrobe has been a game-changer, especially when those special evenings roll around. My significant other couldn’t help but admire the elegance and sexiness that this piece brought to those private moments. Despite the recommended hand wash only care, this slight inconvenience is overshadowed by the confidence and comfort this beautiful lingerie provides.

Avidlove School Girl Outfit


We think this Avidlove lingerie set is a playful and flattering option that will spice up any occasion.


  • The adjustable top accommodates various chest sizes, ensuring a snug and flattering fit.
  • Made with soft and stretchy materials, providing comfort alongside the costume allure.
  • Versatile for themed parties, intimate evenings, or as a surprising role-playing ensemble.


  • Skirt length is quite short, which may not appeal to everyone’s comfort level.
  • The top’s seams may not align perfectly, which could affect the overall fit.
  • Material quality is in line with the price, meaning it’s not luxury-grade but satisfactory for occasional wear.

Slipping into the red Avidlove School Girl costume, I felt an immediate boost in my confidence. The top’s adjustability was a huge plus – tying the front knot to my liking accentuated my curves while offering comfortable support. Ready for an exciting themed event or a little role-playing, this piece was an attention-grabber.

The skirt’s elastic waistband provided a forgiving fit, molding nicely to my figure without feeling restrictive. Lace trimming added a flirtatious touch, perfect for those intimate moments. This set had no trouble eliciting a few admiring glances from my partner, which speaks volumes about its appeal.

I must note, for those of us a bit shy about showing too much skin, the skirt’s brevity could be a factor to consider. And while the silky fabric felt lovely against my skin, it’s best to manage expectations; this isn’t a top-tier luxury piece. Nonetheless, it’s a great value for the price, and we thoroughly enjoyed the spiciness it brought to our evening.

Aranmei Lace Bodysuit


We think you’ll love this bodysuit for its comfortable fit and stylish versatility that’s great for various occasions.


  • Effortlessly stylish paired with other garments
  • Snap crotch design simplifies wear
  • Soft, breathable lace fabric enhances comfort


  • May not fit well on longer torsos
  • The deep V neckline might be too revealing for some
  • Limited to hand wash only which requires extra care

Slipping into this Aranmei bodysuit, we couldn’t help but admire the way the soft fabric felt against our skin. Its 65% cotton and 35% polyester lace composition truly delivers on breathability and comfort, making it a go-to piece under different ensembles or by itself for a romantic evening.

The graceful deep V neckline and exquisite lace details effortlessly frame the body, accentuating curves in all the right places. We found that whether it was lounging around for a cozy night in or as a chic addition to our daytime look, this bodysuit added a hint of elegance without compromising on comfort.

We’ve worn it to various events and it fits seamlessly into every setting. As a stylish piece, it layers beautifully under a jacket and works just as well paired with jeans or a skirt. But beware if you have a long torso, as the fit may not be as perfect – something to keep in mind before you make this gorgeous piece yours.

Avidlove Lace Babydoll


We think you’ll adore the Avidlove Lace Babydoll for its comfort and flattering fit, making it a charming addition to your intimate apparel.


  • The fabric feels luxuriously soft against the skin.
  • Its stretch accommodates various body shapes gracefully.
  • The design exudes a romantic charm that boosts confidence.


  • Sizing may be inconsistent, according to some reviews.
  • It may not provide sufficient support for every body type.
  • The material, while soft, may not endure rough handling.

Slipping into the Avidlove Lace Babydoll, the first thing we noticed was the exquisite softness of the material. It’s a delight to wear, almost like a second skin – ideal for lounging or setting a romantic mood. The lace detailing along the V-neck and underbust adds a touch of sophistication that we absolutely love.

Adjustable straps are a godsend, ensuring that the fit is just right. We appreciate that the design accounts for the need of varying bust sizes and comfort preferences. The halter neck and open back are not only stylish but also allow for a breezy feel, preventing any feeling of being confined.

Wearing this piece, we instantly felt more alluring. It drapes beautifully, transforming our curves into something prideful rather than something to be hidden. This babydoll set redefines what it means to feel and look sensual in plus-size lingerie – it’s a celebration of form and femininity.

Chic Lover Lacy Chemise


We recommend this Chic Lover Lacy Chemise for its ability to combine comfort with a flair of sexiness, making it a great choice for those special nights.


  • The lace design is not only sexy, it also offers a comfortable fit that compliments various body types.
  • Ideal for a range of occasions, from sleepwear to special romantic evenings.
  • Comes with a matching thong, providing a complete set for an attractive price.


  • Some may find the lace rides up in the back, which might require adjustments.
  • If you’re not into tight fits, this piece might feel constricting.
  • The sizing can be off for some, so make sure to check the chart before buying.

Slipping into the Chic Lover Lacy Chemise, the first thing we notice is the softness of the lace against our skin. The floral pattern is exquisite and it’s clear that the garment is made to highlight our curves in just the right way. It feels breathable, which is essential for a comfortable night’s sleep or when turning up the heat in the bedroom.

As we move, the lace bodysuit responds well, staying mostly in place without causing any discomfort. The sheer bodice paired with the matching thong leaves enough to the imagination while also making a bold statement. It’s a confidence booster, no doubt about it.

That said, we’re not too keen on how the back tends to creep up from time to time. It can be a bit distracting, but it’s a minor quip compared to the overall appeal of the piece. Be mindful of the sizing, as what works for one might not work for all. It’s essential to measure yourself against the provided size chart to avoid any hitches in fit.

This Chic Lover Lacy Chemise is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for plus size lingerie that feels as good as it looks.

Avidlove Lace Nightgown


We think this Avidlove nightgown is a definite must-have for its comfort and sultry design that makes you feel fabulous.


  • The modal fabric feels incredibly soft against the skin, ensuring comfort throughout the night.
  • Adjustable straps and back cross design offer a customized fit for your body shape.
  • Versatile enough for various occasions, doubling as nightwear or an undergarment.


  • Some may find the lack of breast support less ideal for their needs.
  • While comfortable, the delicate lace may require gentle handling to maintain its condition.
  • The deep V-neckline may be too revealing for those preferring more coverage.

Slipping into this sexy lace sleepwear, we instantly felt both comfortable and confident. The modal cotton blend caressed our skin, and the gentle stretch hugged our curves in all the right places without feeling constrictive. We adjusted the straps for a perfect fit, which was an effortless process, giving us just the right amount of support and ensuring the nightgown stayed in place.

We lounged around our home feeling relaxed and effortlessly alluring. The delicate lace added a touch of elegance, and the side slit offered just enough playfulness. Whether we were settling down for a cozy night in or spicing up a special evening, this nightie was versatile for all our moods.

What we particularly loved was how the nightgown performed beyond the bedroom. It layered beautifully under clothing, making us feel like we had a little secret of luxury under our everyday outfits. Truly, this Avidlove lingerie is not just for the night; it’s a piece that celebrates your body and serves multiple roles in your wardrobe.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Size

We know that getting your size right is essential for comfort and confidence.

Always start with a recent measurement of your bust, waist, and hips. Use a sizing chart specific to plus-size lingerie to match these measurements for the best fit.

Measurement Description
Bust Measure your chest at the fullest point with a soft measuring tape.
Waist Measure around the narrowest part of your waist.
Hips Measure around the widest part of your hips.

Material Matters

We want you to feel fabulous, so consider the material of your lingerie.

Look for soft, stretchable fabrics like cotton blends for comfort or silk for a touch of luxury. For a bit of allure, lace and satin are great choices—and don’t forget to check if the material is breathable, especially for everyday wear.

Fabric Features
Cotton Breathable, soft, good for everyday wear.
Silk Luxurious, smooth, less stretch.
Lace Decorative, may have stretch, used for detailing.
Satin Smooth, shiny, feels luxurious.

Styles and Support

We understand the importance of both style and support.

Look for designs that suit your taste, whether it’s a babydoll, a corset, or a bodysuit. Consider built-in support features like underwire for bust support or wide straps for comfort.

Style Support Features
Babydoll Typically lightweight, may have built-in bras.
Corset Structured, can offer waist shaping.
Bodysuit Various support levels, can be shaping.

Attention to Detail

We advise paying attention to closures, seams, and stitching.

Reinforced stitches and smooth seams mean better durability and comfort. Choose closures, like hooks or zippers, that you find easy to use and secure.

Detail Importance
Closures Should be easy to use and secure.
Seams Smooth for comfort, reinforced for durability.
Stitching Quality stitching extends the life of lingerie.

Mixing and Matching

We recommend considering sets or mix-and-match pieces that can give you multiple outfit options.

Having a variety of interchangeable items ensures that you have the right lingerie for any outfit or occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of plus-size lingerie comes with unique questions. We’ve compiled some of the most common inquiries to assist you in making informed choices that celebrate your body.

What styles of lingerie are most flattering for plus-size figures?

We recommend empire waistlines, high-waisted briefs, and bodysuits to enhance natural curves.

Structured pieces like corsets and bustiers can also provide definition and support to create a silhouette that makes you feel fabulous.

How do I find the right fit when shopping for lingerie online?

Look for size guides and read customer reviews that mention fit.

We advise getting professionally measured or following online tutorials closely to measure yourself for accurate sizing. Remember, sizing can vary between brands, so checking each brand’s specific size chart is crucial.

Which fabrics are best for comfort and support in plus-size lingerie?

Breathable fabrics like cotton blends are great for everyday comfort, while lace with a stretch blend offers both beauty and flexibility.

For more support, look for materials with a good amount of elastane or spandex that provide stretch without sacrificing shape.

What are some tips for feeling confident in lingerie as a plus-size individual?

Choose pieces that play to your strengths and make you feel comfortable.

Confidence often comes when you wear what you love, so consider styles and colors that you’re drawn to. Remember, lingerie is a form of self-expression and should make you feel empowered.

Are there any brands that specialize in lingerie for plus-size customers?

Yes, many brands now cater to plus-size customers.

Look out for companies that offer a broad size range and prioritize plus-size fit in their designs, such as AvidLove, Savage X Fenty, and Elomi.

How can I measure myself accurately for the perfect plus-size lingerie?

Use a soft measuring tape to measure your bust, waist, and hip areas. Make sure the tape is level and snug but not too tight.

Refer to sizing charts for each specific brand, as their measurements may vary. Consider seeking assistance from a friend or family member to ensure accuracy.

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