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Beautiful wedding at Villa Santa Cruz on Todos Santos Baja

by: David Josué

Boho couple embracing by vintage van before villa wedding.

Kea and Lorrin contacted me to hire me as his México destination wedding photographer while they were on vacations visiting Dubai, I was so excited to have this traveling couple as clients and make memories of their Boho wedding at Villa Santa Cruz . And also because they are an amazing couple, you can easily see they are a relaxed, easy going and very hand made – detailed lovers.

Villa Santa Cruz, Todos Santos Baja California

Villa Santa Cruz is an amazing and magical venue in Todos Santos, Baja California they chose for their romantic and intimate wedding. You may find this name familiar, it is the place of the “Hotel California” famous song by the Eagles. You must visit this town, it’s one of my top 5 places to shoot. AMAZING!!

Boho bride getting ready for her wedding at Villa Santa Cruz


Beautiful boho bride getting ready at Villa Santa Cruz in Todos Santos Baja California

And the most lovely couple, Jessica and Matt, from one of the most beautiful places on earth to have your boho wedding, the Villa Santa Cruz.

Let me know what you think of this couple, I just loved them!


Kea y Lorrin me contactaron mientras estaban en Dubai, yo estaba muy emocionado de tener como clientes para su boda en la Villa Santa Cruz a esta parejita viajera, aparte de que es muy fácil ver que son super relajados, buena onda y una pareja muy detallista.

Villa Santa Cruz fué él impresionante y mágico lugar que ellos escogieron para su romántica é íntima boda. Puede que el nombre les suene familiar, es porque éste lugar es famoso por la canción “Hotel California” de los Eagles. Debes visitar este hermoso pueblo, es unos de mis lugares favoritos para hacer clicks, ES GENIAL!

Y a la pareja más tierna, Jessica y Matt, por uno de los lugares mas hermosos en la tierra, la Villa Santa Cruz.

Déjenme sus comentarios sobre esta pareja que me encantó!


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