The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Your Dream Beachfront Wedding in Rosarito, Mexico

by: David Josué

Elegant Rosarito Hotel Wedding Ceremony
Dream Beachfront Weddings in Rosarito, Baja California

Dream Beachfront Weddings in Rosarito, Baja California

If you’ve ever dreamt of exchanging vows by the shimmering shores of the Pacific Ocean, with the warm sand beneath your feet and the gentle ocean breeze caressing your skin, Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, might be the perfect destination for your wedding. At David Josue, we understand the allure of a beachfront wedding, and we’re here to guide you through planning your dream wedding in this magical coastal haven.

Why Rosarito?

Nestled in the heart of Baja California, Rosarito is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, Mexican charm, and a relaxed, surf-inspired atmosphere. Here are some compelling reasons why Rosarito should be at the top of your list for destination weddings:

Stunning Beachfront Venues

Rosarito boasts many picturesque beachfront venues that provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. Imagine saying “I do” with waves crashing in the background and the sun setting over the Pacific.

Proximity to the USA

For couples traveling from the United States, Rosarito is incredibly accessible. You can fly into San Diego International Airport and cross the border to Tijuana using the convenient CBX bridge. From there, it’s just a short 45-minute road trip to Rosarito.

Culinary Delights

Rosarito is renowned for its culinary scene, with delectable Mexican cuisine taking center stage. Be sure to savor the mouthwatering Mexican-style lobster in Puerto Nuevo, served with handmade flour tortillas, beans, and rice.

Adventures Galore

Whether you’re into horseback riding on the beach, surfing, scuba diving, or exploring the nearby Coronado Islands, Rosarito offers a wide range of activities to keep you and your guests entertained.

Arts and Culture

Rosarito has a thriving arts community, and you can explore local art exhibitions and cultural events along Benito Juárez Avenue. The art scene here is buzzing with creativity and showcasing Mexican and international talent.

Things to Do in Rosarito

Savor Local Cuisine

Rosarito Beach is famous for its vibrant nightlife and proximity to the USA, making it a hub for culinary delights. Don’t miss out on a visit to Puerto Nuevo, where you can indulge in Mexican-style lobster served with all the trimmings. Save room for dessert; you’ll find delightful ice cream and sugar-coated nuts as you stroll through the village.

Beachfront Horse and Camel Rides

For a unique experience, take a horseback or camel ride along the beach. The sunset views will leave you and your guests with unforgettable memories. You can find these experiences at Plaza San Fernando or book a tour in advance with Rosarito Ocean Sports.

Surfing Lessons

Rosarito’s beaches are ideal for surfing, and there are plenty of opportunities for beginners to catch some waves. Consider booking group surfing lessons with Locales Escuela de Surf & Shop, a local business that promotes inclusivity in the sport. If you’re more adventurous, explore surf spots like El Muelle, Calafia, El Morro Km 38, Las Gaviotas, and Campo Martha.

Explore the Coronado Islands

The Coronado Islands, located just off the coast of Baja, offer a unique experience for nature enthusiasts. These islands are known for their scenic beauty, home to sea lions, pelicans, dolphins, and more. You can book a boat trip to the Coronado Islands with operators like Rosarito Ocean Sports and Islas Coronado Expeditions.

Art Route

Art enthusiasts will love exploring the local art scene in Rosarito. Numerous local and regional artists showcase their work in venues and art exhibitions along Benito Juárez Avenue. The art galleries, such as Claudia Cogo, David Silvah, Moronga, Los Naguales, and Polo’s, are a must-visit. Centro Estatal de las Artes also hosts cultural events throughout the year, so be sure to check the calendar for any upcoming exhibitions or performances.

Rosarito’s Underwater Park

Dive into adventure at Rosarito’s underwater park, the first artificial reef in the Mexican Pacific. More than 70 species now call an antique warship home in this fascinating aquatic ecosystem. Dive enthusiasts can explore the park’s underwater wonders by arranging a diving trip with Rosarito Ocean Sports, Bucea Baja Norte, Baja Diving Adventures, or Cursos de buceo PADI Baja California Baja Blue Diver.

Local Crafts Shopping

Rosarito is also a hub for shopping, particularly for unique, locally crafted items. Head to Popotla Boulevard, where you’ll find a treasure trove of artisanal creations, including pottery, ceramics, Talavera, and metalwork. You’ll be hard-pressed to resist taking home a piece of Mexican craftsmanship as a lovely souvenir.

Best Local Bars and Restaurants in Rosarito

Colectivo Surf

Colectivo Surf offers a delightful combination of a brewery and restaurant that serves Mexican seafood and sushi with a laid-back surf vibe. Their farm-to-table concept ensures fresh ingredients in every dish. Complement your meal with craft beers from Baja or a selection of wines from Valle de Guadalupe. Colectivo Surf is also an excellent spot for breakfast and brunch.

Sin Fronteras Brewery

Sin Fronteras Brewery is an ideal place to enjoy craft beer with live music and breathtaking ocean views from their patio. If you get hungry, you can grab food from The Baja Pig. This brewery features various local craft beers, including homemade brews.

Marea Alta

Marea Alta, a food truck, is renowned for serving some of the best seafood in Rosarito. With a casual and relaxed ambiance, it offers dishes prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Don’t miss their tuna poke bowl or crab burrito paired with a glass of cabernet.

Splash Restaurant

Splash Restaurant provides the perfect mix of Mexican-American fusion cuisine with an oceanfront view. Whether you’re craving seafood tacos or a juicy burger, you can enjoy your meal while gazing at the ocean.

Plaza Food Fest & Craft Beer

Plaza Food Fest & Craft Beer is a gastronomic park in the heart of Rosarito Beach, celebrating urban food and craft beer from Baja. With a wide range of dining options, including seafood, Mexican dishes, American cuisine, sushi, desserts, and healthy choices, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Be sure to sample some of the 37 craft beers from Tinta Negra, a local brewery.


Sokuna is an Asian fusion restaurant that combines Cambodian and Vietnamese flavors using fresh local ingredients and homemade sauces. With its modern yet cozy atmosphere, it’s an ideal spot for a meal with friends or your significant other.

Ollie’s Pizza

Ollie’s Pizza offers a cozy and family-friendly environment where you can enjoy a slice of pizza and a glass of wine. Their pizzas are made from scratch with local ingredients and cooked in a stone oven. For dessert, visit Brown Dog Gelato next door for various Italian gelatos and sorbets.

Bleu Galley

Bleu Galley is a charming French-inspired corner in North Baja, perfect for a soulful breakfast. This restaurant serves breakfast, French-style brunch, and afternoon tapas. You can also enjoy a pick-and-go service to savor your meal with a beachfront view.

Raíces Baja

Raíces Baja is a restaurant and mixology bar that takes pride in using the best quality ingredients from Baja. Their menu offers a variety of fresh seafood, steaks, salads, and garnishes, all prepared with local ingredients. It’s an excellent place to enjoy a meal and a glass of wine on their terrace, surrounded by a relaxed vibe.

Best Restaurants for Your Rehearsal Dinner in Rosarito

Sunio Beach

Sunio Beach offers one of the best locations in Rosarito, with a spectacular ocean view. This restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests and serves breakfast, brunch, and delicious seafood for lunch and dinner. Enjoy a variety of cocktails with friends or family at one of their two bars, including the Barefoot Bar, where you can have a drink while relaxing on their private beach.

El Encanto

El Encanto is a restaurant known for its warm and family-friendly atmosphere. It’s famous for its excellent service and traditional Mexican seafood. You can enjoy your meal on their patio or terrace with a stunning ocean view, making it perfect for sharing lobster tails or a fried fish plate as you watch the sunset.


Ajenjo offers a fusion of Mexican and French cuisines in a rustic yet elegant setting. All their dishes feature fresh local ingredients, including select beef steaks from Sonora and their famous burrito lobster. On Mondays, they serve complimentary tapas with your bar purchases and have a daily happy hour from 4 to 6 pm.

Popotla Restaurant

Popotla Restaurant, with its family-friendly atmosphere and stunning sea views, offers international cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t miss their famous Sunday brunch, featuring a buffet with various dishes and bottomless mimosas.

Esperanza Steak House

Esperanza Steak House offers a Mexican rustic-style dining experience with a touch of American and Mexican fusion cuisine. They specialize in beef steaks, pasta, and delectable crepes for dessert. Enjoy a juicy steak with a glass of Valle de Guadalupe wine on their patio while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

Best Hotels for Your Wedding in Rosarito

Las Rocas Resort & Spa

Las Rocas Resort & Spa offers an idyllic oceanfront setting with accommodations that provide 180-degree ocean views. Located at surf spot K38 in Rosarito Beach, this resort is just 15 minutes south of Tijuana and 40 minutes south of San Diego. They offer various honeymoon packages, including one-night stays in their suites, welcome cocktails, American breakfast, romantic dinners, spa treatments, and even border fast pass services. Their gardens, salons, and terraces can host weddings of various sizes, accommodating from 90 to 300 guests. Las Rocas Resort & Spa offers wedding packages that can be tailored to your preferences, including menu selection, table linens, staff, and more.

Hotel Rosarito Beach

Hotel Rosarito Beach is another fantastic option for a beachfront wedding. With a rich history and beautiful architecture, this hotel offers a variety of venues, including gardens, ballrooms, and terraces with stunning ocean views. Their experienced wedding planners can help you customize your event to make it truly memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Rosarito from the USA?

If traveling from the United States, the most convenient way to reach Rosarito is to fly into San Diego International Airport. You can cross the border to Tijuana using the CBX bridge, which connects the Tijuana International Airport with San Diego. Once in Tijuana, you can rent a car to begin your Mexican adventure and explore Baja California. Alternatively, you can drive to Rosarito directly from the USA.

What are the best activities to do in Rosarito?

Rosarito offers a wide range of activities for visitors. Some popular options include:

  • Beachfront horse and camel rides
  • Surfing lessons at various points along Rosarito Beach
  • Exploring the Coronado Islands
  • Visiting local art galleries and cultural events
  • Diving in Rosarito’s underwater park
  • Shopping for local crafts and souvenirs

What are the best bars and restaurants in Rosarito?

Rosarito boasts a vibrant culinary scene and a variety of dining options. Some recommended bars and restaurants include:

  • Colectivo Surf for Mexican seafood and sushi
  • Sin Fronteras Brewery for craft beer and live music
  • Marea Alta for high-quality seafood
  • Splash Restaurant for ocean-view dining
  • Plaza Food Fest & Craft Beer for diverse culinary choices
  • Sokuna for Asian fusion cuisine
  • Ollie’s Pizza for pizza and gelato
  • Bleu Galley for French-inspired dishes
  • Raíces Baja for mixology and fresh seafood

Where can I host my rehearsal dinner in Rosarito?

For your rehearsal dinner, you can consider these restaurants:

  • Sunio Beach with a spectacular ocean view
  • El Encanto for traditional Mexican seafood
  • Ajenjo for Mexican and French fusion
  • Popotla Restaurante with a buffet and mimosas
  • Esperanza Steak House for Mexican and American fusion

What are the best beachfront wedding venues in Rosarito?

Rosarito offers a wide selection of beachfront wedding venues. Some popular options include Las Rocas Resort & Spa and Hotel Rosarito Beach, which provide guests with stunning ocean views and accommodations. You can also explore other venues along the picturesque coastline to find the perfect setting for your beachfront wedding.


With its enchanting beaches, rich culinary scene, and diverse activities, Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, is the ideal destination for your dream beachfront wedding. The combination of natural beauty, Mexican charm, and accessible travel makes Rosarito a top choice for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. At David Josue Photography, we’re here to assist you in planning and hosting the wedding of your dreams in this picturesque coastal paradise.

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