Jos | Sisy | Fer

I have opportunities on my life that I don’t take because I freeze, sometimes because of what people might say about it. Shooting a roll of film and giving it away to the person you shoot is a brave thing. But I am so happy that I make it.

Shoot with a strange camera, an unknown lens and an unknown film. only with available light. It make my stomach rumble, but I got one picture that was worth the effort. I feel so happy that this picture is, for now, the profile picture of a very talented eye.

My buddy Fer Juaristi, his wife and his little newborn, Jos.


  • Awww, I love these David!

  • David. You are amazing bro. Congrats to Fer!

  • It’s so beautiful!!! I love these too!!! Congratulations to Fer and his wife…! 😉

  • thanks bro for the surprise clicks!

  • Simply beautiful! Good job David!! :)

  • Beautiful work!

  • Felicidades a los nuevos papás.. (Fer vy Sisi) .. y David.. como siempre.. fotos chingonas.. saludos!

  • Ohhh, unas fotos muy emotivas, abrazos a todos.

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