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A Dreamlike Workshop Experience in Paris with Fer Juaristi

by: David Josué

This past week has been nothing short of surreal, a moment in my professional life that felt like living in a daydream. I had the unparalleled opportunity to travel to the heart of Paris, accompanied by one of my dearest friends, Fer Juaristi. He is like a brother to me, and together, we embarked on a journey that was both a personal and professional milestone.

The Journey Begins

The main reason for our trip to France was a wedding I had in Toulouse, and Fer Juaristi tagged along for the experience. What made the trip even more special was the opportunity to lead a workshop in Paris organized by the incredible Parisian photographer Sophie Delaveau. Sophie organized this great workshop and found the perfect location for our shooting at the MK2 Bibliothèque, adding a magical touch to our creative endeavor.

The Workshop at MK2 Bibliothèque

Our workshop was a melting pot of cultures, talents, and passions for photography, joined by 17 extraordinary individuals from across London and France. Each participant brought his or her unique perspective, style, and eagerness to learn and share, making the experience enriching for everyone involved.

Beyond the realms of a traditional workshop, we celebrated love, art, and the connections photography enables us to forge. Capturing the love of a newlywed couple against the backdrop of Paris’s timeless beauty, and particularly the unique ambiance of the MK2 Bibliothèque, was a highlight. This location provided a stunning setting and a source of inspiration for our creative exploration, allowing us to impart knowledge and capture authentic moments of love.

The Importance of Networking and Growth

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Table 1: Workshop Takeaways

Aspect Description
Networking Opportunities to connect with fellow professional photographers from London and France, expanding your professional network and potential collaborations.
Portfolio Development Hands-on shooting in iconic Parisian locations, providing unique additions to your portfolio that stand out.
Comfort Zone and Skills You are engaging in challenges and new experiences to broaden your comfort zone and enhance your photography skills, facilitated by peer learning and expert guidance.

This adventure in Paris, sparked by a wedding in Toulouse and enriched by a workshop at the “MK2 Bibliothèque,” is a testament to the power of dreams and the beauty of pursuing our passions. Let this remind us that everything is possible when we dare to dream and open our hearts to endless opportunities.

To all the dreamers out there, keep your aspirations alive. Remember, in the journey of photography and life, the friends we make and the moments we share make everything worthwhile.



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