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Artistic Prenatal Session

by: David Josué

Maternity photo shoot at Balboa Park, San Diego, California

The very first paid photo shoot I did was a Maternity?photo shoot, for me It’s always fun to do Pregnancy pictures, and this was of an amazing chef, Ana Juncal.

I met her through one of my first clients in Tijuana,?Do you remember ?Pau+ito engagement session?

Ana is the owner and Chef of Deli Sweet Room, a magic place in “La Recta”, a gourmet street full of interesting deli shops in Tijuana, Baja California, M?xico.

I recommend you to go visit this super cool place for a perfect brew coffee and a delicious cake.

This Artistic Prenatal Session?was taken at a very big and old historical park, my gift to her daughter Nicole.

Hope to meet her in a couple of days.

hugs – DJ

Siempre me ha gustado hacer fotos de Prenatal, es muy divertido, y esta vez fueron para una Chef incre?ble: Ana.

Yo la conoc? en su negocio, el Deli Sweet Room ubicado en La Recta, en Tijuana Baja California.

Este lugar me lo present? Pau, no s? si la recuerden de su sesi?n Bridal – Compromiso que le hice con su novio en Rosarito.

Las fotos las tomamos en un maravilloso parque?y fueron mi regalo a su hija por nacer, Nicole, quien ser? tocaya de una personita que quiero mucho.

abrazos – DJ

?te pasaste….?est?n?incre?bles…?eres lo?m?ximo!! ??llore de la?emoci?n.. Ana Juncal?

? Ana Juncal

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