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Tequila Jalisco Engagement Photos

by: David Josué

It is so eulogistic as a photographer to have such a pleasant job, I am always in the most important moments of the life of the people; birthdays, weddings, quincea?eras, “a day the life of” and one of my favorites, engagement sessions.

A good friend from childhood gave me the opportunity of telling his wedding and?that,?is even more eulogistic, of course everything turned more interesting when he told me his future wife, Ana Celia, is a photographer as well. When you do pictures for another photographer, you can feel the butterflies on your stomach move faster, but this is always good, for me that sensations are like gasoline for creativity.

I am so happy with the outcome of this engagement session in Tequila Jalisco, and not only that, I remembered that it is always more important to have your feet on the ground, and when you  are honest with your job, photographic miracles happen! The first picture up here is one of my favorites, I took it at the restaurant wine cellar where we did this session.

Hope you like it!

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